Oil Painting Tips To Enhance Your Art Skills

Oil painting is a great way to represent the world around you, as well as the world of your imagination. If you are fairly new to oil painting or have already begun to achieve some success in this medium, you probably already know that regular practice is crucial to improving how you paint. Whether your… Continue Reading

How To Clean An Oil Painting

There can be a variety of reasons you may wish to have an oil painting cleaned. Perhaps it has been in storage, gathering dust. It may have spent decades in the home of someone who smoked or in a home with lots of pets and pet dander. It may have been displayed in an environment… Continue Reading

Tips For Creating Beautiful Paintings Of Flowers

A Creative and Personalized Pastime For many with or without artistic talent, one of their most enjoyable activities is taking an easel and some paints and setting out to create something special on their canvas. As art is a very personal undertaking, whatever pleases an artist is adequate justification for the effort. There are many… Continue Reading