From Fat Mona Lisa To Abu Ghraib – Fernando Botero’s Famous Paintings

Often referred to as the “most Colombian” artist of the 20th and 21st centuries, Fernando Botero boasts a very distinctive signature style, typically referred to as Boterismo. The artist enjoys using large, over-the-top means of expression, using his often grossly exaggerated depictions of people and objects to offer up political and social commentary on the… Continue Reading

Answering The Question – Where Is The Last Supper Painting?

It is one of the most iconic and beloved paintings of the last five centuries, replicated and reproduced like few others. But have you ever asked yourself: “Where is the Last Supper painting?” For all its public visibility and immediate recognition, surprisingly few people know where the original masterpiece resides. How exactly did Leonardo da Vinci’s unrivalled,… Continue Reading