Museum Quality Reproduction Oil Paintings Can Fool Even Art Experts

Were you aware of the fact that in some cases, even an expert in their field can be fooled? That’s right, even a schooled expert can make a mistake when they look at what they think are original oil paintings by a specific artist, when in fact they are just happen to be museum quality reproductions of oil paintings that even manage to fool the eye of a trained expert.

Own the Mona Lisa for a pittance

Many home owners would love to own a masterwork like say the Mona Lisa, but obviously that is an original work of art that is beyond priceless. But paintings such as that and Whistler’s Mother among other masterworks can be yours to adorn a special area in your home at a fraction of the cost to own the original. When you purchase a museum quality reproduction oil painting, you are investing in something that will provide you with many years of viewing pleasure, and it’s amazing just how affordable a painting like this really is.

The lure of the auction

Many admirers of fine art often go to local auctions hoping to find a hidden gem to hang somewhere in their homes. You may also once in a while find an art expert bidding on a painting that they believe to be a genuine painting by a famed artist only to find out later that they were totally mistaken, and they actually bought a flawless reproduction. It just goes to show you that even the experts can sometimes be fooled by a great painting that is masterfully done.

Pablo Picasso Femme Assise Jacqueline

A few instances where the experts have been fooled

A skilled counterfeiter, posing as a Jesuit Priest has been passing off perfect replicas of works such as Picassos, Signacs and Daumiers. Some of these replicas have fooled a few museums for several years with expertise of the reproductions.

A Norman Rockwell painting replicated by cartoonist Don Trachte was actually hanging in the Norman Rockwell museum unbeknownst to the curators. The reason behind the painting being done was to prevent it being taken in a divorce proceeding. The painting was sold after Trachte’s passing for 15 million plus. Needless to say, experts at the Norman Rockwell Museum were embarrassed by the whole incident to say the least.

Image: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Own a painting that could fool an expert

If you’re a lover of fine museum quality paintings, why not own a museum quality reproduction for just a song. It’s very easy today to find many of these paintings for sale online and in regular art galleries or at a local auction house. When you purchase a quality artist reproduction, you are buying a piece of art history. Since these paintings are done in traditional artist’s oils and are on a canvas, they are almost indistinguishable from the original it was based on, and just like you, many other collectors purchase these beautiful works more due to their intrinsic value than what it may be worth in money to the owner.

Find a reputable dealer

If collecting museum quality reproductions is your passion, then finding a reputable dealer is something that’s an important part of the process to attain these works of art. The dealer that you choose should have the same passion for this type of art as you do, and be knowledgeable about the art that he is trying to secure for you. It also would be in your best interest to check the dealer’s background and seek recommendations from others who have availed themselves of the dealer’s services.

So if you’re serious about owning paintings that could fool the eyes of art expert, then museum quality reproduction oil paintings is something that will be of interest to you. So get started today and you can begin hanging these beautiful reproductions around your home and office.


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