Famous Impressionist Artists Of The 19th Century

French Impressionism art originated in France in the late 19th century as a form of rebellion against traditional pieces of art and their inhibiting rules. A brave group of painters dedicated to art and annoyed with the strict standards for art set by the art officials of France, banded together and became known as the Impressionists. The movement was most strongly opposed to the standards set by the French Academy of Fine Arts and The Salon – France’s annual art exhibition. The impressionist movement lasted from around the 1860s to the 1880s. Louis Leroy first came up with the term “impressionist” when studying an 1874 painting by Monet’s painting titled Sunrise. Because of its undefined and ethereal style, the term seemed to fit perfectly and was applied to many other artists of the time period.

Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet

Aside from Monet, there are many other famous impressionist artists who are recognizable for this similar type of painting style. Edouard Manet was also part of the group of impressionist artists because of his similar style to Monet. Manet’s most famous paintings were portraits of one or several people with undefined facial features and figures. Aside from the style of the portraits, Manet also used controversial subjects and ideas in his paintings as part of his rebellion against the strict standards of the French art community. For example, his famous painting “Le d’jeuner sur l’herbe” features a naked female enjoying a picnic lunch outdoors with two fully clothed males. This type of french impressionism art was certainly unlike anything that had been created in the strict and proper art movement beforehand.

Pierre- Auguste Renoir was also in the group of impressionist artists in the late 19th century. His most famous paintings are also portraits of individuals with undefined expressions and a plethora of blended colors. One of Renoir’s more distinct styles is portraits of people to landscape backgrounds. Renoir has a way of making the background blend in behind the person as if the person is being focused on by a camera lens and the background is blurred. In other paintings, his style reflects a sort of blending of the person or people with the landscape, which looks a bit like they are becoming a part of their surroundings. The painting “A Woman with A Dog (Portrait of Madame Renoir)” is a good example of Renoir’s style because it features a woman clothed in colors matching those of the background scenery. In this painting, the woman almost seems to become a part of her surroundings because of the undefined texture of the painting.

The Rose Garden at Wargemont by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Camille Pissarro is also included in the list of impressionist artists because of his wonderful contributions to French impressionism art. Pissarro’s paintings featured landscapes, portraits, and settings with people to a landscape background. Pissarro’s style is distinct from other impressionist artists because he seemed to be even less defined and more loose in movement than comparable artists of the time. A good example of Pissarro’s style is “Apple Trees in Bloom” which features two young women a green apple orchard with completely undefined features and figures that are difficult to distinguish as something distinct from their surroundings. These kinds of masterpieces allowed other to think outside of the strict standards of art and really embrace the deep messages that could be created in pieces of art.

Boulevard Montmartre Afternoon Sunlight by Camille Pissarro


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