Contemporary Abstract Paintings For Modern Spaces

Designing a modern apartment or house requires the appropriate paintings to accentuate the furniture and space. The problem is that modern furniture does not match well with classic or realistic art styles. If you want to design a modern space, then contemporary and abstract painting styles may look better with the furniture and design elements that you have already incorporated into the space.

Chop Suey by Edward Hopper

Basics of Abstract Paintings

Abstraction is a type of painting or art style that does not actually depict a specific item or idea. Instead of representing the physical object, person or place, the art style focuses on colors to create a feeling in the viewer.

The easiest way to identify an abstract painting that will fit a modern space is looking for a dream-like quality. Abstract art is not the reality of an item, but rather the shape or brush-stroke that is not showing a specific item. It provides more room for interpretation, which allows you to create a feeling in the modern space without showing the idea.

Contemporary Variations

Contemporary abstract paintings are ideal when you want to decorate a modern space because it is designed, imagined and painted by a current artist. Although contemporary artists may draw on knowledge related to previous generations when it relates to technique, the styles and ideas that are found in modern paintings differs from the original designs that were developed in history.

Modern paintings can pull out ideas and feelings that were not available in previous generations. By looking at modern advances and using those feelings and ideas as a foundational element of painting, it is possible to create an image, shape or brush stroke that differs from traditional pointillism, cubism, expressionism and fauvism.

The modernism styles focus on the brush stroke, colors and shapes to create an image that does not represent a specific item, but rather invokes an emotion, feeling or brings out different ideas mentally. The look of the painting can differ dramatically from colorful works that fill up an entire wall to several small paintings that are placed in different areas on your wall to create an interesting visual effect.

Focusing on Color

A simple way to find the perfect contemporary and abstract painting for your modern space is by focusing on colors and designs that will not clash with the other items within the space. A modern interior design can take many forms, including a single color that has sharp and angular lines throughout the space. Depending on the colors and features in the space, the best artistic style, color and expression will vary.

Matching the color is the easiest way to avoid clashing, but it works best with color is already limited in the space. A contemporary abstract painting that has oranges and yellows will suit a room that already has touches of those colors or that focuses on a solid neutral. It would not fit well with a room that has blue and green walls.

If the space has white walls and limited color in the furniture, then you have the ability to use almost any abstract painting to brighten up or liven up the space. If you are working with colorful spaces, then focus on works of art that have neutral colors or that has shades of the same color to avoid clashing and making the wall with art too jarring visually.

Black Lines I by Wassily Kandinsky

Incorporating Shapes

When a space has a large amount of color or has eclectic styles, a simple way to solve the problem of finding the perfect piece of art for the wall is focusing on the shapes instead of the color patterns. Contemporary abstract paintings draw on many different styles to create an image from simple design elements. Shapes are among the easiest looks to match to your modern space because you can focus on the lines of the furniture and other items in the room.

For example, if your modern room is designed with furniture that has slight and delicate curves, then a painting that features circles or curved shapes will fit in well. On the other hand, if your space has sharp and angular lines in geometric patterns, then the shape that fits best in your space may be squares, triangles or rectangles.

Searching for modern and contemporary paintings that are appropriate for the shape and lines of your space will help if you already have a complicated interior design or if your space has several colors in different areas of the room.

Personal Feelings

When it comes to contemporary abstract art, the best way to determine if it will fit in your space is the personal feelings that arise when you look at the work of art. If you feel angry, uncomfortable or upset from the colors and shapes, then it might not be the best painting for your modern bedroom or living space. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy to see the painting, then it will fit into your modern space because it invokes the feeling that you want to obtain in certain spaces.

Before you determine that a painting is perfect for the space, consider the activities and feelings that you want to enjoy in that space. For example, if you are working on a modern waiting room at a doctor’s office, then a painting that is calm and relaxing is ideal. On the other hand, if you want your living room to brighten your day and encourage a greater amount of energy, then a painting that makes you feel happy and cheerful might suit that space better.

The Dream by Pablo Picasso

Personal feelings and the type of emotion you want to develop in a particular space is the best way to determine if a painting is appropriate. Shape and color are secondary to the feelings that you obtain when you look at the work of art.

Modern spaces call for contemporary and abstract art because the design features look best with abstract designs. Although art may not be your first priority when you are decorating a space, it does pull the design together and invoke a feeling of belonging, comfort or happiness when it is placed in the room.


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