Wassily Kandinsky – Abstract Artist and Transcendent Prophet

Wassily Kandinsky, the first modern abstract artist, believed himself to be a prophet. He felt that his spiritual mission was to lead others to a more transcendent and spiritually rich life through his art, toward the ultimate goal of a better society. Deeply influenced by Helena P. Blavatsky and theosophy in his later years, Kandinsky… Continue Reading

What Is Giclee Art Reproduction? Process Explained

Giclee is an advanced technique for creating high-quality reproductions of fine-art and photography. The reproduction process is efficient and requires skill and experience to perform. This process produces artwork that is not only beautiful but durable. Artists and industry professionals are using this technique with more frequency. World renowned museums utilize Giclee art reproduction to… Continue Reading

The Drama And Dance From The Masters’ Reproductions

These selections all speak about drama in theatre or dance. The paintings capture a vitality and essential life only dance and drama can extend to our joi de vivre. Many of these paintings accommodate several decorative concepts, more important these are additions to add vitality or drama to an area of your home. Matisse, Le… Continue Reading