Modern Wall Art Design Ideas

Designing the interior of your home, office or any other space needs more than furniture. Wall art adds to the texture, depth and design without intruding on the features found in your furniture. The key to finding the perfect modern wall art design is focusing on the theme of your space and working paintings, murals… Continue Reading

Top 10 Still Life Paintings In Famous Museums

Still life paintings are known for highlighting the beauty and art in everyday items. Famous museums across the world house still life paintings in their permanent and circulating collections. In most cases, the artist is not especially known for their still life work, yet their subject matter, style and technique is no less appreciated throughout… Continue Reading

Buy Reproduction Art – Your Guide To Beautiful Oil Paintings

Whether you want to become a collector of beautiful art, or just decorate your home or office, buying reproduction art is an excellent way to create beauty in any room, while lending an appreciation for the masterpiece the reproduction is portraying. Your guide to beautiful oil paintings includes knowing the best reproductions to purchase. A… Continue Reading

The Drama And Dance From The Masters’ Reproductions

These selections all speak about drama in theatre or dance. The paintings capture a vitality and essential life only dance and drama can extend to our joi de vivre. Many of these paintings accommodate several decorative concepts, more important these are additions to add vitality or drama to an area of your home. Matisse, Le… Continue Reading