Monet’s 1890s Exhibitions Reveal The Magic Of Light

Even a vague familiarity with Claude Monet’s work renders one in awe of his mastery. Stacks of grain, trees, mountains, valleys and gothic cathedrals are the hallmarks of his series paintings. To the untrained or less perceptible eye, this natural common thread may appear repetitive. However, the exhibition of Monet 1890s series paintings reveals that… Continue Reading

Contemporary Abstract Paintings For Modern Spaces

Designing a modern apartment or house requires the appropriate paintings to accentuate the furniture and space. The problem is that modern furniture does not match well with classic or realistic art styles. If you want to design a modern space, then contemporary and abstract painting styles may look better with the furniture and design elements… Continue Reading

En Plein Air Painting and Photography in the Forest of Fontainebleau

The Plein Air movement, which translates from French to “Plain Air”, was one of the most rich and prolific periods for impressionism. This period featured French landscape en plein air painting, and was the time when Monet did his most well-known work. A 2008 exhibition displayed at The National Gallery of Art made the bold… Continue Reading

How To Clean An Oil Painting

There can be a variety of reasons you may wish to have an oil painting cleaned. Perhaps it has been in storage, gathering dust. It may have spent decades in the home of someone who smoked or in a home with lots of pets and pet dander. It may have been displayed in an environment… Continue Reading

The Benefits Of Art Reproduction Paintings

Whether you are an art lover, enthusiast, interior decorator, or an art collector, when you own a reproduction painting you have invested in a piece of history. There are several benefits of owning reproduction paintings and copies of masterpieces, but the biggest satisfaction will be enjoying a copy of a masterpiece work of art on a daily basis, that… Continue Reading

All About Claude Monet Impression Sunrise Painting

Lending its name to the Impressionist movement of the 19th century, Claude Monet Impression Sunrise is perhaps one of the most famous art pieces on display today. Monet described the title for the painting by stating, “Landscape is nothing but an impression, and an instantaneous one, hence this label that was given us, by the… Continue Reading