The Story Behind Napoleon Crossing The Alps

In May of 1800 Napoleon and his army crossed the Alps utilizing the Great St. Bernard Pass, and in 1801 the king of Spain requested that French artist Jacques-Louis David create a portrait of the event. The result of the special commission was five versions of Napoleon upon his horse, looking noble and full of… Continue Reading

Famous Impressionist Artists Of The 19th Century

French Impressionism art originated in France in the late 19th century as a form of rebellion against traditional pieces of art and their inhibiting rules. A brave group of painters dedicated to art and annoyed with the strict standards for art set by the art officials of France, banded together and became known as the… Continue Reading

Tips For Creating Beautiful Paintings Of Flowers

A Creative and Personalized Pastime For many with or without artistic talent, one of their most enjoyable activities is taking an easel and some paints and setting out to create something special on their canvas. As art is a very personal undertaking, whatever pleases an artist is adequate justification for the effort. There are many… Continue Reading