Difference Between Oil Painting Reproductions And Canvas Art Painting Reproductions?

Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci

Canvases and painting are important parts of what makes the home an attractive place to dwell in. These hanging art painting reproductions, if selected carefully, can become a fantastic assortment of their own and so this may be with pride that one shows off the room. As an aficionado of artworks, you might be thinking what is the difference between oil painting and art painting reproductions? The one who is not familiar with art may think that there exists no difference between two terms and they are often put into use interchangeably. However, their meaning may differ to a greater extent. If you wish to purchase replica paintings, it is important that you know this difference.

Oil Painting Reproductions

Oil painting reproductions cannot be completely identical replicas of original painting because they are re-created by hands. Someone (other than original artist) analyzes the original piece of work and then starts painting a closely identical copy. By using oil paints, expert artists attempt to duplicate the exact copy of originals. For people who know much about their subject will figure out the difference just at one glance. In fact, oil painting reproduction is identical to listening to favorite songs, not being sung by original singer.

Canvas Art Painting Reproductions

This recent innovation for fine arts or photo replicas puts into use a very high quality injet printer producing individual duplicates of one image or images. This is why canvas prints are similar copies of authentic art work. The printing process is just like that of making a duplicate copy of hand written letter instead of writing it again. Art reproductions by the photomechanical procedure is very famous today. The artists often put into use canvas prints to create copies of their own art work which then they sell in restricted additions. The method is utilized to multiply duplicates of best paint works and facilitate a lot of persons with ample opportunities to consider their beauty.

Some Tips

In short, art replicas are ‘actual’ works of art, but not by original artists actually. The prints are duplicates of original work. Both canvas art print and oil art copies can be known as ‘reproductions’ but the first cannot be a print. Both procedures deserve your thought, but it is entirely up to you to settle on what type of reproductions you like and wish to buy. As the word reproductions may sound somewhat confusion to many, it is always better to inquire further before purchasing any kind of painting to be certain that you are getting right copy.

If you are a beginner with zeal to learn things, then, there are many e-books or manuals that can help you make beautiful replicas of famous oil paintings by yourself. You will be provided with step by step instructions, examples and techniques, together with small list of materials and tools you will need for the project.

If anyone is looking to spend money to build collection or for future profit, purchasing original paint work is out of reach, but canvas print reproductions are the best thing.


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